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BAG IT is an Italian pioneering luxury handbag rental company founded in 2021 with the purpose of offering a simple, easy, and fun way to rent the most desirable season’s bags for a fraction of the retail price. We provide a mix of classic and seasonal pieces to ensure your luxury desires are being continually met.

Responsible consumption is the core of our business, as we strive to change the buying habits of the modern woman. At BAG IT you are able to grant your fashion wishes, whilst contributing to a sustainable and affordable sharing economy. 

We believe in the power of self-care and manifestation, and we empower women with tools to express themselves through fashion whilst excluding economical and environmental guilt from overconsumption.

Our company operates with a strong set of values. Transparency, customer satisfaction, innovation, and excellence will always be the guiding forces moving us forward. 



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Hi, I'm Leticia

When I was sixteen years old I started saving my allowance in order to buy my first designer handbag. One year later, I was leaving the Louis Vuitton boutique twirling with a Speedy 25, inspired by my teenage muse Audrey Hepburn. At eighteen, I got my first Chanel classic flap, and never stopped dreaming, planning, saving, and achieving. 

Every time I got a new addition to my collection was magic. Taking my babies out was, oftentimes, the main motivation to leave the comfort of my warm house to face the cold weather of Stockholm. And it was always worth it in the end. 

Ironically, I never felt any sort of attachment to my bags. I carried them everywhere, lent them to friends, and at twenty one I even sold that first Chanel bag to buy a trip to Greece. Do I remorse that? Absolutely not! I’ve always prioritized experiences over material things in life. My love for fashion is about appreciating beauty, craftsmanship, and expressing myself without the feeling of ownership.

Four years ago, I grabbed my Italian passport and went to Florence to complete my Business Management studies with a Master in Fashion Luxury Management. That opened the doors to my once so aspired job in a luxury fashion multinational which was crucial to becoming the person I am today.

It was in the historical March of 2020, while locked down, that I reconnected with my dream business idea - the luxury bag rental company - the one Louise mentioned at Sex and the City in 2008, and still, no one hears about it in Italy. I started dedicating my evenings and weekends to perfect my business plan until it was round. I found the best team of collaborators to help me to execute my vision, and got the support from my close ones to proceed with the idea. 

BAG IT englobes my three passions: luxury handbags, making the world a better place, and women empowerment. In fact, it remedies the overconsumption from bag lovers, with an economic and environmental solution to it which is renting.

I give to you what I wish someone had given to me, because sharing is caring.

With love, 


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